About Us

Company Information

Tiddalik Services Pty Ltd. is an Indigenous Business that offers a wide range of educational services. Our online learning platform, Tiddalik Learn, specialises in designing, presenting, delivering, and maintaining face-to-face and technology-based education support. Our content is interactive, engaging, and accessible to learners of all levels.

In addition to Tiddalik Learn, Tiddalik Services provides educators, learners, and clients a range of consultancy, mentoring and curriculum advice.

A dedicated team of post-graduate and degree-trained education and technology specialists make up our staff. Dedicated to providing excellence in educational outcomes, the Tiddalik team have experience and training in educational leadership, teaching, and learner support, as well as modern technology systems which include online web services and virtual learning environments.

In addition to working with education and training providers, we provide consultancy and support services to learners and their families, schools, government, and independent organisations. We design, produce, and provide educational resources, specialist learning materials and our Australian made 'Tiddalik Screens'.

At Tiddalik Services, we live and breathe learning and enthusiastically endeavour to provide quality resources that are accessible to all learners.

Our grounding philosophy drives our desire to inspire the thirst for knowledge with ongoing consideration for contributing support and advocacy to develop all sectors of our community. As an Australian Indigenous Business, we seek to serve and advocate for the needs of indigenous people seeking to succeed and grow.