Team Tiddalik

Greg Golder

Greg has been in the Education Industry for 25 years in numerous settings locally, nationally and internationally. As a Head of School, Greg brings operational, strategic and administrative experience to any situation. With a Master's Degree in Innovative Learning, he appreciates the future needs of learners and how to support high-level engagement, knowledge growth, and skill development. He enjoys finding practical and effective ways to implement the changes required in any educational setting.

Rob Wehl

Rob has been in the Education Industry since 2003, working across Primary and Secondary settings. Having held pastoral and curriculum responsibilities in coeducational schools and all-boys boarding schools, he has diverse experience in the education setting. Rob is an expert in digital technologies and the use of ICTs. As an MIE Expert and MIE Master Trainer, he can offer a wide range of advice on Learning Management Systems and the software infrastructure required to improve the operations of an educational facility.

Alex Delaforce

Alex has achieved a range of graduate and post-graduate qualifications in mathematics, science and communications along with a Master's degree in education and has worked for 27 years as an educator in Australian schools. He also has qualifications in electronics and avionics. More recently, Alex has studied at the doctoral level, with his research focusing on the development of teacher expertise within training organisations. He is an experienced technical manager and a curriculum designer. Alex's skill set includes course design, instructional planning, website management and the design, installation and maintenance of online learning environments.