Tiddalik Screens

Tiddalik Screen

What is a Tiddalik Screen?

A Tiddalik Screen is an educational resource that utilises an illuminated pane of tempered glass for recording instructional and demonstration videos. Unlike its predecessor the light board, the Tiddalik Screen maximises the number of lumens that flow through the glass and is installed on a lightweight frame that has adjustable heights. If you are passionate about flipped learning and digital resources for learners, Tiddalik Screens will revolutionise your practice as an educator.

Quality Materials, Quality Production

At Tiddalik Services we understand the nature of education, that is why we only produce the best quality products that you can rely on for years to come. Our Lightboards are made from materials that are sourced from Australian businesses and manufactured right here in Southeast Queensland. All our lightboards come with a 10-year structural guarantee and our promise that they will withstand the test of time. As local manufacturers we can build to custom order, meaning you will get the exact sized screen that is best suited for the space you plan to use it in.

Quality Tiddalik Screen


Green Tree Frog Package: Tiddalik Screen + Installation - $4,400

In this package we will provide you with your Tiddalik Screen that is 1200 x 800 in size, markers, erasers, and delivery with a one-hour installation training session. In this session we will cover all basic information, including caring for your Tiddalik Screen and show you how to create a video using just a phone as a recording device.

The Tiddalik Package: Initial Consult, Tiddalik Screen + Training - $6,850

This package will see the Tiddalik team visit your site for an initial consult. We will identify the best place for your Tiddalik Screen to live and recommend the work required to achieve the best outcome for your videos. We will then custom build your Tiddalik Screen, to best fit your space. Tiddalik Screens over 1600 x 800 this will incur an extra fee. Upon delivery we will complete a 2-hour training session where we look at editing software, recording strategies and digital storage of your products.

The Goliath Frog Package: Initial Consult, Tiddalik Screen, Install + Ongoing Training - $12,700

Are you looking to drive your school, college, or training organisation into the 21st century and embrace digital learning? In this package we will complete an onsite assessment and identify where your Tiddalik Screen will be housed. We will custom build your Tiddalik Screen to a specified sized and consult with you about what equipment is best suited to your recording needs. We will install and provide initial training to ensure staff can easily use the Lightboard and begin creating digital content across a range of curriculum areas as soon as possible. Tiddalik Services will then visit your site once per term for 12 months to provide further training and support as you develop your online digital platforms. This package is intended for those organisations that are looking to make significant change and progress in providing differentiated learning for its students.